She is only 10

A 10 year old girl named ester from the United Kingdom has just started under grad in college. Yes in college! When I was first reading about this it had shocked me that such a young girl would be in college. She went to college from being home schooled by her parents. As a kid she really didn’t like going to school in the uk because her teachers wouldn’t let her talk and we all no that in school your response to things and asking questions is how you learn. I do hope that this young woman will make it this time going into college and become a woman of greatness.


Community pool the place for advice

Honestly I feel that if you were going to tell somebody anything good or bad ,like say if you have been lying about something or anything for that matter is when you two are alone or however many it is. I feel this way because telling somebody something gets best received when that person or persons doesn’t feel like they are being attacked or singled out. I no that for myself I will take anything 100x easier if it wasn’t in front of a crowd of noisy people. So there it is my thoughts on it all.