She is only 10

A 10 year old girl named ester from the United Kingdom has just started under grad in college. Yes in college! When I was first reading about this it had shocked me that such a young girl would be in college. She went to college from being home schooled by her parents. As a kid she really didn’t like going to school in the uk because her teachers wouldn’t let her talk and we all no that in school your response to things and asking questions is how you learn. I do hope that this young woman will make it this time going into college and become a woman of greatness.


Community pool the place for advice

Honestly I feel that if you were going to tell somebody anything good or bad ,like say if you have been lying about something or anything for that matter is when you two are alone or however many it is. I feel this way because telling somebody something gets best received when that person or persons doesn’t feel like they are being attacked or singled out. I no that for myself I will take anything 100x easier if it wasn’t in front of a crowd of noisy people. So there it is my thoughts on it all.


On i just read about how this man was a re elected law maker despite the jail term for a relationship with his 17 year old assistant. What this is, is plain crazy. how does somebody thats 57 and having sexual relations with a young girl who is now pregnant get to come up with rare laws and change thin.To me this comes off as unsafe and just wrong. we are to look up at him in hope and security with the laws being made i the united states and he is looked at as an statutory rapist. Are we going to be protected or treated unfairly do to unjust behavior, this kind of thing really makes me hate the system that we are run off of. All this does is teach young girls that it’s okay to be with older men, they wont get in trouble, they will get good jobs being with us.


images Thee 11th picture that came off of google was funny to me. Well because the word was resist and the picture is showing and influencing to resist authority. To me this picture resembles a group of people who are coming together to become an anti authority association. When i look at this i see violence yes but way more than that. Like effort, hope, bad past, a reason why and smart people who are wrong yeah but but still smart in a totally different way.


I choose the topic about the artificial DNA that scientist have finally made. It was predicted that sometime in 2014 this would happen and IT DID. In the recent years that have past scientist have been making all different things that are artificial like viruses and things of that nature. At first they thought that this would be a dangerous thing to humans but studies are starting to show that that wouldn’t be entirely true. After reading all of this information i started to think about all of the things that could start happening in the near future. I’m predicting that by 2020 there will be an artificial brain to replace the human brain.    images Unknown

Would I Rather

If I had to choose to either  have a best selling book rote about me or a huber on hit song rote about me i think that i would choose to have the song. I think that I would choose to have the song because with a number one hit song more people hear the song than a best selling book. Because even if some people didn’t like the song they would still hear it at least once and more people listen to music than those that read.